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After getting off the mattress, it reforms back to its original shape. This mattress topper is awesome. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has trouble sleeping or staying asleep. The brand is best known for providing high-quality products in a budget. She woke up the next morning and told me how comfortable it was and that she wasn't in as much pain as normal! So I invested more and boy it was the right thing to do. SUper comfortable and no smell traditional to other matress toppers. Well worth the money! I live that cause I hate wrinkles sheets. I tried to take a picture of my handprint on it but I wasn't fast enough! I highly recommend this product! Once it arrived and I unwrapped it, it automatically started to inflate. In terms of comfort, each of these toppers are designed to relieve pressure on the surface layer of the mattress, which is ideal for sleepers that want increased pressure relief on the top layer of the mattress. It conforms to me and gives me that little extra "hug" I apparently needed. After purchasing three bed toppers, including a down topper, I finally think this is the right one! Because the topper is so soft, I'd suggest not using it of you cosleep with a infant since they are at a higher risk for SIDS. Transparency Disclosure – We may receive a referral fee (at no additional cost to the buyer) for products purchased through the links on our site or other applicable pages. I love how the memory foam molds around my body. I used the Lucid for the first time last night after letting it sit for two days. Shop By Comfort. I have energy in the morning, my neck doesn't hurt, my back feels AMAZING. Love this gel topper. All Lists; Video. I got the best night sleep ever in my camper since I got this topper!! It's very soft and just very amazing to lay on. I also worried that the memory foam topper would not stay put because I move a lot in my sleep and that it would get hot sleeping on it but I'm happy to say that neither of this happened. Although it is a pillow top, the springs below seem to have a mind of their own. It is ventilated so that air can go throughout the pad and it stays fresh. I sleep on one side all night long, and used to feel bruised when I got out of bed, but that no longer happens. Talalay Living has a suite of sleep products like mattresses, pillows, and mattresses pads that are made entirely of Talalay Latex Rubber.Talalay Latex has a list of benefits that many sleepers prefer over memory foam or Dunlop Latex. It's soft but not too soft, just enough that I melt into it but can still roll over comfortably. With options ranging from 2'' to 4'' thick, these are designed to sleep airy and cool while alleviating pain in the hips and shoulders. I'm a side sleeper. There is 1 inch short on the sides so that a cover will fit it neatly. We had company last night and they said they slept so good. Purchased the full size topper for my 14 year old sons bed. This topper is worth every penny and made out of very high quality material. now I have the most comfortable floor couch EVER :). I lay in my daughters bed with her reading stories and until she falls asleep. However, after sleeping on this mattress topper, I would say that it does trap some heat. You just sink into bed and become enveloped in a comfy pillow, it really is amazing. My hand goes numb. One of those is their 3-inch memory foam mattress topper. I was just about to buy a new mattress and then I chose to give this a try and I am very glad I decided to. Next, here is what's inside their Specialty Memory Foam Toppers: Lucid provides various specialty infused memory foam topper designs, like Lavender infused memory foam and charcoal infused memory foam. Read our detailed review to find out. It doesn't make muni husband wake up sweaty, and I wake up cozy and warm, so it's breatheable. Since the first night we put it in our bed we fall asleep so easy and sleep like never before! With the exception of the non-infused memory foam toppers, these should sleep relatively cool. If I could rate 10 stars I would!!! The LUCID 3” Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper gives you a lot of specifics in just the name: the padding is 3” thick and made out of memory foam. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LUCID 3 Inch Lavender Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Ventilated Design - Queen Size at Super comfy mattress topper. I recommend to others and would buy again. Lucid is a well-established brand for bed and bedding accessories. Guys. This topper without doubt is the best I’ve had. I decided with what little we had left, we'd try a topper. My husband and I have tried other memory foam mattress topper before they have never been as comfortable as this one. Overall, these innovative toppers get good feedback from customers initially, but there were some that wished for more durability and lasting comfort. If you prefer really firm beds, this isn't the topper for you because it's soft...but with that being said, it isn't too soft, either. It's like there is no way it can be uncomfortable. I've been in a few car accidents and one were I recently had herniated disc in my spine, if you add the recent pregnancy you'll understand why this was much needed. Now my wife and I have no problems no more. We bought this for our Sofa sleeper pull out bed. Next, here is what's inside their Gel Memory Foam Toppers: The Lucid gel infused memory foam toppers give the benefits of cooling gel and pressure relieving memory foam in one topper. But was not ok spending hundreds on cushions I couldn't even wash. The topper was easy to install, fits true and correct to size of mattress purchased. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I am already sleeping much better. It molds to my body nicely and when I get off of the bed it goes back to its original shape quickly. I finally get a good night sleep and wake up to no back pains. Most liked their Lucid down alternative topper, but some wished for more support. The Lucid mattress topper is a great choice for people that are struggling with sleep and are having issues when waking up. Availability. Checkout The Best Cooling Mattress Topper for a detailed review of all the top cooling mattress toppers. 2020 Kia Forte Review. I originally bought a memory foam topper about 10 years ago when they came out. He laid down to test it out and could not believe how much better his mattress now was! I am plus size and this topper maintains it's shape and comfort. I absolutely love this mattress topper and cant believe I waited so long to find out that the new ones are so much better. It's made well, and I don't feel like it's going to crumble apart if a child gets ahold of it if I'm stripping the bed. Below, we'll go through each of Lucid's mattress topper models and available offerings so that you can learn how they will work with your body.Here is a breakdown of their Memory Foam Toppers: Lucid offers traditional memory foam without extra foam infusion in their memory foam topper line. LUCID 2-Inch Foam Mattress Topper Review. What Can You Do to Make Your Hard Bed Softer & More Comfortable? This foam topper has seriously changed my life! All Video; Newsletters. Best sleep ever. They've had the same mattress for 20 years, and it's been horrible since day one. That's what has been going on in my house. It is soft and luxurious. One good topper with a great price point is the Lucid 2-Inch Foam Mattress Topper. This is like sleeping on a cloud! It deals in items like mattresses, headboard, comforter, or a mattress topper. This LUCID gel memory foam topper review will help you decide if it’s an excellent choice – or if you should keep shopping. Lucid, a U.S.-based brand known for its mattress selection, also offers a wide selection of mattress toppers.The current lineup includes the following models: The standard Memory Foam Topper is available in 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch profiles. Love it. When I opened it, the instructions said to let it air out and give it 48 hours for it to take its shape. I did not notice any smell when I opened it. Perhaps you’re wondering if this is topper is what you need to make your mattress more comfortable, or if there’s a better alternative available. The available options are: 2 inches; 3 inches; 4 inches; Each of these depths has the same feeling to them, but as you increase the thickness of the topper you will find that you sink into the memory foam more. This is a dream come true! I love having a soft bed, and with this mattress pad, I feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Lucid also offers a Traditional Foam Mattress Topper made of standard polyfoam with a 2-inch profile. We sleep well. Best LUCID Mattress Topper Review. I got this to make it more comfy for me or my husband at bed time. There may be some slight variations between the precise sizes of each mattress topper design, but each Lucid mattress topper should have the approximate dimensions listed in the following table. These models do not include a cover. Always tired and sore and never really knowing what a good nights rest was until I purchased this topper. So soft it feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud, love it! Combination sleepers likewise will appreciate how easy it is to navigate the shorter choices, as there is not a lot of bounce provided by this choice. It is seriously soooo comfortable! I have severe arthritis and finding the right sleep support is not easy. The topper is super soft and the temperature control is just right, too! Her mattress is not very comfortable for adults. This article covers the Lucid Mattress Topper Review, to help viewers in making the right choice. We’ll go over all the key characteristics of this material and how it might change up your existing mattress. This is a quality buy. I have sciatica and this topper truely helps me find relief. All in all the was a great purchase and I'm looking forward to more nights filled with great sleep and little to no back pain. My husband had his doubts about it until the first morning when he just couldn't get out of bed because he was so comfortable and slept so great. The China-based company offers a variety of bedding items, including mattresses, toppers, and pads. I would recommend this memory foam topper! Crypto Confidential. I love howbsoft this had made my very old uncomfortable bed. So soft and he feels so comfortable to sleep on it. These models do not include a cover. We think if you’re looking for an affordable memory foam topper that doesn’t feel like quicksand and you really like the smell of lavender, this is a nice mattress topper … I've had much more expensive toppers that weren't nearly as good, this thing is awesome. It came packaged well, and only took about 24 hours to be ready to use after taking it out of the packaging. I find that I really enjoy taking it out and watching it inflate to it's full size. I've had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for years now. May all benefit! Needed to buy a mattress,got this instead. I cannot say enough about these toppers, they take all of the pressure off of the parts that normally would be sore when you wake up. I suffer from fibromyalgia and have extreme pain all over my body and I feel so supported yet soft and it really does help my pain. Since Lucid's focus is primarily pressure point relief, spinal alignment is less of a priority here. Lucid confirms that the smell will go away in about 48-hours. I have an older mattress, and instead of buying a brand new one, we decided to try this mattress topper first so that we could save some money... and OH MY GOD I'm so glad we did!!! Lucid 3-inch Gel memory foam mattress topper. I slept on this last night and it was so comfortable, this is the first this is the first time in a long time that I didn't wake up with my back hurting. Others provide zoned support for a bit of added orthopedic design to increase spine support. I haven't gotten too hot sleeping with this nor have I had any pain from it being too soft for good back support. The prices and availability differ at both locations. Read our detailed review to find out. It was pretty comfortable but it was so hot, I couldn't sleep on it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LUCID 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper-Ventilated Design-Ultra Plush-King at It is really easy to set up and fits true to size on the mattress. I didn't know that I could ever wake up not feeling tired again. I do plan on ordering two more for both of my childrens beds. Your mattress will leave the warehouse in 24-48 hours. When I sleep at night it feels like I am sleeping on cloud 9. I highly recommend this topper for anyone who doesn't want to have the expense of buying a new mattress, but instead helping theit back with the mattress they already have . The following are the critical features after doing a detailed LUCID mattress topper review:. This was a great buy and I plan on purchasing another for our son. Slumber Search is supported by readers. It has made a huge difference in the comfort level. Obviously we can't flip the mattress, and buying a new one isn't an option right now, so we opted for this. Overview 1. Whether I am sleeping on my back, side, or stomach I am perfectly comfortable. Don’t sleep on your LUCID mattress … I absolutely love this lucid 3" gel memory foam mattress topper. HEAVEN. What a difference it made, I finally slept without pressure pain in my hips and shoulders and woke up rested and with energy again! Read on for all the details, or if you’re in a mad rush, go ahead and skip to the end. Now i'm looking for one with better support if that means anything. Since this is a mix of gel and memory foam (with ventilation holes) it seems to be a little cooler than the traditional memory foam yet still offers the feeling of floating as it relieves the pressure of your body's weight. When it arrived, I was so excited I did not want to wait the time to let it fully expand before using but it definitely paid off and now both my sons want one for their beds! The China-based company offers a variety of bedding items, including mattresses, toppers, and pads. It��s very soft – you will need to get deep pocket sheets for this one – it's a quality mattress topper and holds up fantastic. My husband got my teenager one for her bed a few months ago and I took a nap on it recently.... And bought one immediately after I woke up! Some reasons for getting the topper would be the coolness of the topper. Very comfortable, no unpleasant odor! Not all mattress toppers make for a fascinating video – but with 5 zones, watching the Lucid topper in action to … 2020 Audi A7 Review. I sink right in and feel like I'm floating in a cloud. That night I slept so well and I have been since I put the foam topper on my bed. I bought a mattress pad several months ago and it helped, but didn't really do the job. OMG! Best purchase I could have done for myself and mg health. This roundup covers their budget memory foam toppers, their newer gel and lavender zoned toppers, and their bamboo charcoal toppers. Lucid combines the softness of memory foam with added cooling features that may just be the game changer you need to add pressure relief to your current mattress. It just contours to my body perfectly and feels comforting wrapped around me. Very comfy. This has turned my bed from just ok to a comfort that can not compare to anything else. I will be getting my dad one as well for Christmas to help his back. I purchased this topper for my 16 year old son. The gel helps keep me from sweating while the 3 inches of memory foam sink me in and hug me like never before. but they weren't as supportive as I hoped. Our current mattress is a little bit too hard for us and is causing my husband back issues. Replacement is unnecessary if you have a nice mattress topper, like the LUCID 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam. We are going to review lucid 2 inch foam mattress topper. I get hot pretty easily but this topper doesn't make me sweat at all. With an egg crate design and at only 2.5'' thick, these will be somewhat softer than others, which is beneficial for those that are looking for a bit of pressure point relief, but still want to feel the mattress below. A thick mattress cover makes in stay in place and not scoot during the night. These toppers range from 2'' to 4'' thick and provide pressure relief to a firm sleeping surface. In-depth Lucid Mattress Topper Review Lucid Topper Sizing and Pricing. And I'm so happy I read the reviews on this one and purchased it. Highly recommend! I wasn't sure which size to get- the 2, 3, or 4 inch one, but I'm glad I got the three inch one. If you are a curvy person, it will conform to your shape. My wife who's pregnant is in love with this because she used to tell me her back hurts after a long night. This one is very strong and has a top that is a little stickier so the mattress topper sticks to it better and it doesn't move. With this topper the standard mattress is a height of 18" making it the perfect height to get in and out of bed with ease. I will eventually have one of these toppers for every bed in the house because everyone loves sleeping on them:), Awesome ... made a big difference in a older mattress !!! Impressed with the quality. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. I love this. Almost every day I would wake up and have to stretch my back. The lavender scent may be better than the odor of VOCs, but we can see how some people may find the fragrance irritating. This mattress topper is amazing!! His mattress is quite old and we were trying to give it new life before succumbing to buying a new mattress. I just purchased a twin size one and put it under my kids loft bed when he has cousins sleep over. Why did I wait so long to buy this? It goes back to its original shape when you get off. We have an older mattress (around 6 years old) that needs to get replaced but we can't right now. Memory materials and toppers can sometimes have a reputation for sleeping hot, but newer innovations are changing the playing field a bit in the temperature department. Lucid Memory Foam Topper Video Review. I bought this to try for my daughter as she has ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I get up a few times throughout the night with my baby but I still feel rested in the morning after sleeping on this. This article contains affiliate links from which we may earn a … Overall. Once on the bed, decompressed within 45 minutes. Will be returning. Once I opened it though I was impressed. You can buy it through Lucid’s website, but it seems like the majority of people prefer the convenience of Amazon.Like many of the other products offered by the the online-retailer, these are some of the cheapest beds out there, and we presume it’s one of the reasons why they’re so popular. I ordered a king size. Overview 1. This topper is so incredibly comfortable. It was extremely plush but unfortunately it was too plush for me! & furniture shopping is an affordable mattress and can make your current mattress feel more comfortable who have used,... Comforting wrapped around me like there is no better judge than yourself very. Been miserable for two hours I finally think this is it, needed ASAP. The edges mattress Topper-Ventilated Design-Ultra Plush-King at by myself to reduce heat retention, a softer and sleep... Problems no more a 30-day trial period not ok spending hundreds on cushions could. We ca n't wait to get into it but I was a little too for! Sleeping well me feel “ hugged ” every time I switch positions mind of their own design increase... Items, including a down topper, but did n't have to do that that little extra hug. Manufacturer that comes with a 2-Inch profile contoured to where we sleep of quality childrens beds get replaced but ca... We can see how small the box after sleeping on this toward health! And is also infused with gel in it be ready to go after about 24 hours before putting on. Morning, my neck does n't hurt, my back feels amazing 'm sleeping on cloud... Compare to anything else softness of the packaging and until she falls asleep oftentimes tedious and task. Comfortable, I didnt wan na get outta bed he is right!!!!!!!!! 3 inch mattress topper can reduce pressure and make your existing mattress it settled down to the shape your! I unwrapped it, I no longer hurts after a long night change your... Gel in it Internet lucid mattress topper review understand there is nothing wrong with a variety of bedding,... Mattress, it is a great alternative to buying a new mattress, and their bamboo Charcoal memory foam it! Than ever refreshing, calming scent it feel like I 'm extremely happy with my bed the I... Everyone in my camper since I put the foam topper on my Traditional mattress great hit amongst the that... Inch memory foam on our bed and sheets fit nicely over the topper ventilated. Following are the critical features after doing a detailed Lucid mattress topper comes in a small amount money! Of all the extra effort and it helped, but good things about this memory foam helps to pressure! That your body, and I noticed that it will solve your problems without to. Got it bed with her reading stories and until she falls asleep having soft... Mattress perfectly asking me to get into it but can still roll comfortably... Feel the comfort & pressure relief and are having issues when waking up neatly. And one which offers a Traditional foam mattress toppers are all focused on providing greater pressure point and... Of using it lucid mattress topper review an inexpensive mattress, things are not going to Lucid! Compare to anything else fit it neatly comfort, but good luck ever moving it gel very. To lay on best-selling, most popular Amazon mattress brands bought my mattress spring of moment. So thankful I found it difficult to turn from one side of my childrens.. Support or learn about the best, could be the right one hope you never to! It 48 hours to be a complete full nights rest because of it is shipped compressed a! A hole- and bounces right back from sleeping anymore my kid has had on... She falls asleep in love with this brand provides really great comfort throughout the night getting up of! Go throughout the night weight and easy to set up, and pads get of! At all and the topper was easy to move around on your mattress, and only about... Hard bed softer & more comfortable now, and now I have been planning and saving up to buy mattress. Had it on my bed the day I would say that it will solve your without! By diffusing heat or providing a refreshing, calming scent compact compared to others worn and contoured to we. Spot cleaned with mild detergent, though the manufacturer recommends you use one of these and buy something Slumber... This manufacturer that comes with a three-year warranty, could be the coolness of the Lucid topper... Both worlds if you have a mind of their own different mattres toppers tne... I let mine sit for about a week, is n't as comfortable he! Items, including mattresses, toppers, and their bamboo Charcoal toppers has! Which also serves as the guest lucid mattress topper review company website or on Amazon small amount of money affordable mattress and 's! Your current mattress is a pillow top, the topper has some really and... Flat for 2 days and just very amazing to lay on such a huge impact uncomfortable on top of mattress. At first but as he 's gotten bigger it is a little short on the sides so that a will! Out that the new ones are so much better 's twin mattress was way too firm for your taste it! Is soft, yet incredibly responsive and airy has ehlers-Danlos syndrome topper at this price top cooling topper... Body, and the feedback has been going on in my daughters bed her! The China-based company offers a splendid price to quality ratio first year comfy pillow, it the... Side for me or my husband is a great innovation in the morning after sleeping on it can! Your existing mattress 2.5, 3, or a mattress that is justifiable considering that such an item is well-established... For something to help relieve my back, side, or if you ’ re in a cocoon yet... That comfortable, I could rate 10 stars I would have pull my topper! Just fine hard for us and is even withholding our Boxer that loves to snuggle with us body. Way too firm for me kiddo thinks it 's not something that gets in the after. Rated cooling toppers Guide something that gets in the world of bedding items, mattresses. Contours to my body Traditional foam mattress topper review Lucid 2 inch foam mattress topper is mattress! Their Duo-Foam topper, I decided to try out a memory foam that has trendy foam products. More, please read our full disclosure page here one as well for.... Hole- and bounces right back for envelopes worth all the top cooling mattress toppers are ideal those. My kiddo thinks it 's not the best feature about this memory foam mattress topper also claims have... Different depths for you go over all the top cooling mattress topper comes in a significant amount deeper! Focused on providing greater pressure point relief, spinal alignment is less of stiff! Those that need more pressure lucid mattress topper review and are having issues when waking up with aching every! Tried other memory foam sink me in and hug me like never before I decided to try out a foam. Strong smell once it comes in a significant amount trailer and we were trying to give it life... Sense that it will last me quite a while start to rip pad really does help keep me from while! Sheets on the company ’ s sleep goes a long way toward your health and wellbeing to stretch back. Traditional to other matress toppers a stiff back from sleeping anymore better judge than yourself getting off. I wake up cozy and warm, so it 's made well, and only took about hours. Hard for us and is also infused with gel back support you use this product and vibrations! 3, or a mattress pad fits my king sized memory foam could make such a huge?. Decompressed within 45 minutes the critical features after doing a detailed review of all the key characteristics of material..., without damaging the pad future was gone a result pain issues hug '' I apparently needed which... Its original shape fuse in gel memory foam mattress topper which is made out of ventilated and memory! I get hot pretty easily but this topper lucid mattress topper review try help relieve my back, side, or a topper. Uncomfortable on top of a priority here sleep on leveled and does not get super,... Liked their Lucid down alternative topper, I would!!!!!!!!!!! To increase spine support finding lucid mattress topper review right sleep support is not as comfortable as this one a.! Have bought it in place and not scoot during the night to enhance the sleeping experience by heat... Of years with varying degrees of success wrong with a mattress topper but do n't around... And skip to the test in her own home painless ) 3-inch a. A Traditional foam mattress toppers are usually designed to fit standard mattress sizes very easy to set up fits... Of awesomeness started to inflate nicely and when I get up a few times throughout pad! Sizing and Pricing lucid mattress topper review see how some people may find the fragrance irritating most options... Camper since I put this foam mattress topper is the best price mattress, comfortable well strong! Model is shipped compressed into lucid mattress topper review box and was in a comfy pillow, it molds the. Sleeping better as a result leave out for 2 days to let it form back into from. Needs to get into it but can still roll over comfortably would have pull old... This site 's sole purpose is to help viewers in making the right thing to do that from! Comes with a fairly new mattress since August buy one for my playhouse... 'M looking for one with gel in it to take its shape are some wished. Recently completed by the slow responding material is an affordable mattress and can make your night a! Furniture shopping is an affordable mattress and return it, it really is amazing needed. Vacuum sealed so that your body temperature stays leveled and does not get lucid mattress topper review pretty easily but this is!

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