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Welcome to my Homepage! The aim of Ashoka University is to produce well-rounded individuals who are well equipped with the problem-solving ability, multiple perspectives, communication skills and become prominent leaders in their field of industry. With the approval of the SRC, the dissertation will be submitted to at least two external examiners and to the Faculty supervisor(s) for their formal assessment and recommendation. Visit for complete details of the programme and admissions process. Back. A fixed number of Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships will be offered by Ashoka University to support the PhD students (as per the rules and regulations). The Department of Economics is happy to announce a talk by Aakriti Mathur of The Graduate Institute, Geneva as part of our weekly seminar series. The aim at Ashoka is to help students become well-rounded individuals who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives, communicate effectively and become leaders with a commitment to public service. I am an applied economic theorist with a primary interest in information economics. In their fourth semester, students must submit a research plan in the form of a short statement of their proposed research topic, including a description of methods, data and sources. Ashoka University is a pioneer in its focus on providing a liberal education at par with the best in the world. Each student who has been admitted to PhD candidate status must present their work in one Ashoka University seminar each year, beginning in their third year. O.P. I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Ashoka University. List of Selected Candidates for Monsoon 2020 Session, The entrance examination will have two parts. Who We Are: Ashoka University is a private, nonprofit university, and an unprecedented example of collective public philanthropy in India. Ashoka University PG Course Admission Eligibility Criteria Faculty position in Economics, Rank Open Ashoka University, a relatively new liberal Arts university near Delhi, India invites applications for Assistant /Associate Professorship positions. From the third year onwards, PhD candidates will present their work at seminars, and write up their research in the form of research papers that together form a draft PhD dissertation. Ashoka University. You can apply without your board marks to secure your Ashoka admission. After the viva voce, a copy of the dissertation is deposited with the INFLIBNET, and with Ashoka University Library. Read the article for complete details. There are a total of 7 Ph.D. courses available. At Ashoka University the course fee is 8.85 lakhs for the first year for BA Economics (Hons.) The Department of Economics at Ashoka University has 26 permanent faculty members, with research and teaching interests that span a broad range of fields which include economic theory, game theory, behavioral economics, experimental economics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, economic growth, development economics, and different areas of applied microeconomics. My primary fields are Public Finance and Development Economics. Ashoka University in Haryana offers Doctor of Philosophy degrees in various disciplines. Located in Sonipat, Ashoka University is a private university, which offers education in various disciplines, including Computer Science, Economics and Biology. The entrance examination will be held online on 2nd May 2021. October 5, 2020: The application forms for Ashoka University admission 2021 will release on October 14. Anne-Charlotte Souto: University of Pittsburgh – Postdoc. LSR will provide you with a strong and ambitious peer group as the students of LSR Economics students aim for Yale and Harvard universities after their graduation. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview. Before coming to Ashoka, I studied at Jadavpur University and the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and I obtained my PhD from the University of California at Irvine. The Student Research Committee, and chaired by the student’s supervisor, will be appointed by the Program Coordinator of the Department before the student plans to defend his/her Research Plan. She will present her paper on "In the danger zone! The heights Ashoka has achieved within few years of its inception from Young India Fellowship to its Under Graduate Program is highly commendable. Enter your e-mail address below to get your password. Admissions to the PhD Programme will be based on a written entrance examination as well as an interview. A contingency grant of Rs. But Ashoka University is perhaps the most ambitious attempt so far to set up a world-class university in liberal arts in India. degree. The Department of Economics at Ashoka University has 26 permanent faculty members, with research and teaching interests that span a broad range of fields which include economic theory, game theory, behavioral economics, experimental economics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, economic growth, development economics, and different areas of applied microeconomics. Network. India Development Foundation. 32. Therefore, we are considering online version of the test that you can take from your home or from a space you consider safe. 35,000 per month. The second part will test applicants on microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics at the level of entry to the first year of the Masters Programme in Economics in any standard Economics programme in the country. This website provides more information about those programs, the faculty, and the department's research activities. Ashoka University in Sonipat, Haryana, India. The deadline for Round 3 is 14 March 2021. ... Ashoka University. Microeconomics I Presentations at an internal PhD-level seminar qualify towards this requirement. JGU was founded in … Your health and safety is our primary concern at this juncture, but we also understand how important these tests are for your career. Considering the possibility of an online test we have modified the format for the PhD exam in economics. Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Ashoka University Contact CV Teaching Research Home . All. Macroeconomics I My research interests lie in the areas of monetary … Ashoka University’s Master's programme in Economics has been developed to provide students the opportunity to be trained in modern Economics by highly qualified economists. Applications to the PhD Programme which starts in August 2021 will open in January 2021 and will close on 31 March 2021. Students who have been admitted to PhD candidate status must meet with their Student Research Committee (SRC) to review their progress once a year. Individual stipend for RA and TA ships funded by Ashoka University will be Rs. The Ashoka University looks promising,” says Singapore-based Pericles Lewis, president, Yale-NUS College. I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Ashoka University, India.My primary research interest is in theoretical microeconomics - models of asymmetric information, spinoffs, and the impact of regulatory changes on welfare. Students may also take a PhD-level reading course in a subject more closely aligned to their research interests. Graduation is required for this course. 500+ connections. at Ashoka University. She has also worked in rural Rajasthan on issues of Maternal and Child Healthcare and Nutrition (MCHN). Applicants with an MSc/MA/MCom/BTech degree with at least 55% or an MPhil/MTech degree with at least 55% are considered eligible. Students may also present their work in seminars outside Ashoka University, with the approval of their Faculty supervisor(s). Ashoka University is a UGC-recognised multidisciplinary university situated in Sonepat, Haryana. I will be joining the Department of Economics at Ashoka University … Ashoka University aims to change the way we look at higher education in India. Students must submit their final dissertation within six years of the date of admission to the PhD Programme. Please note that for an online test, one would require a reliable internet connection, and a laptop or a desktop with a microphone (in-built/ external) and a webcam (in-built/ external). Information on fees is available at the PhD Programme page. Applicants must apply through the online admissions portal. In order to meet the requirements for the PhD, students must maintain a minimum grade of B or 3.0/4.0 in these courses. It will include as members: (a) co-supervisor, if any, and (b) two faculty members who specialize in a related area, one of whom is from a different department or outside Ashoka University. Students who fail to meet these timelines will not be able to continue in the PhD programme. JINDAL GLOBAL UNIVERSITY (JGU), SONEPAT. Ashoka University Admission offers these UG programs: B.A (Hons): The students must have 10+2 in Arts or any other stream with no less than 50% marks. Contact. I am a Ph.D. Economics graduate from the University of Warwick. Enter your details below: ... Economics, CS are really amazing. If the current situation continues and if there is a test on May 3, this might be a safe way to conduct it. Students will then be called upon to orally defend their research plan before a Student Research Committee, specifically constituted for each PhD student. About Hi! Further information will be provided to you after April 14, when the present 21-day national lockdown is scheduled to end. All PhD students will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 35,000. About. Students will be required to subject the draft dissertation to a check for plagiarism using standard software. On the independent recommendation of each external examiner, supervisor and co-supervisor, the SRC will formally conduct a viva voce examination in the presence of at least one, but preferably both, external examiners. In the second year, students will develop their research interests by taking three one-semester elective courses across the monsoon and spring semesters. About Ashoka University, Sonepat: Ashoka University is focused on providing a liberal education matching up to the standards of the best universities in the world. A first-year course requirement may be waived in specific circumstances, usually subject to passing a qualifying exam in a given subject, and with the permission of the PhD coordinator. Based on need or justification, an extension of up to 1 year may be recommended by the SRC, and granted by Dean (Graduate Programs). The first two years are primarily focused on coursework and developing a research plan. Students will also be offered housing on campus if it is available; if it is not, they will be paid a monthly rent allowance of Rs 7,000. Ashoka University offers a number of UG, PG, and PhD level courses to the candidates across the country. “From whatever I know, I am very impressed with their plans. or. Ashoka offers its students a multidisciplinary liberal education, usually defined as one that transcends the boundaries between the arts and sciences, and carries a strong emphasis on learning across subjects. Alice Sheehan: University of New Hampshire – Visiting Assistant Professor. The goal of the Department of Economics is to build a vibrant faculty which … Topics covered will include the following. The comparison between O.P. Duration 3 years. Amongst others, students can expect elective courses in the following areas: Advanced Game Theory, Advanced Macroeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Decision Theory, Development Economics, Economic and Social Networks, Experimental Economics, Health Economics, History of Economic Thought, Industrial Organization, International Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy, Time Series Analysis. Here we have provided a field-wise list of courses offered at Ashoka University: Ashoka University Courses 2020 – UG Programmes Login with Google Hons.) Microeconomics II Shamar Stewart: Virginia Tech University, Ag Econ Department Earlier in his career, Stuart was Managing Partner of a New York-based consultancy and has taught at New York University and the London School of Economics. Students already holding an MPhil degree prior to admission at Ashoka University may apply to have the elective course requirements waived, and move directly to submitting a research plan. Ideally, this should contain some preliminary theoretical results or empirical analysis. In addition, they should submit a short piece of written work relevant to the thesis. however, students must ensure they take at least 6 courses in their first year by taking elective courses or PhD reading courses in lieu of any first-year core courses for which they get a waiver. In the wake of the Covid-19 situation and the subsequent measure of social distancing, it might not be possible for Ashoka University to administer the PhD Economics entrance tests at any physical location on the 3rd of May. At the graduate level, the department offers MA in Economics and Ph.D. in Economics. Students holding a MA/MSc/MCom/BTech degree must complete this application within two years of being admitted to the PhD programme. Piyali Banerjee: Ashoka University. Welcome to the Ashoka University Application Portal. Statistics, Spring Semester The department offers a major in Economics and interdisciplinary majors in Economics & Finance, Economics & History, and in Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE). Economics; Position. In order to meet the requirements for the PhD, students must maintain a minimum grade of B or 3.0/4.0 in these courses. Our approach to Economics is a comprehensive one. The examination will be open to all faculty members and students from Ashoka University. I study issues in organizational economics and political economy. Up to two faculty supervisors will be appointed by the Program Coordinator of each individual department while taking into account (a) match between supervisor’s (and co-supervisor’s) specialization and area of proposed research, (b) student preference(s), and (c) number of students being supervised by individual faculty members. News Update. Monetary Economics Specialized Welcome to Ashoka School of Economics ASE working from 04-JAN-2013 at Ashok Rajpath opposite Patna College Patna, Bihar.Our aim is to provide affordable education with best quality in all classes for XI,XII,UG,PG ,BPSC,NET/JRF etc. Sign Up. Akashmegh chose to do interdisciplinary majors in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (B.A. Abhinash BORAH, Assistant Professor of Ashoka University, Delhi | Read 12 publications | Contact Abhinash BORAH Ashoka University . Regulatory uncertainty and voluntary bank capital surpluses" at Ashoka University on Wednesday, February 19th at 1:30pm. PhD. He was a Research and Data Analysis Intern at Centre for Policy Research and was an active member of Ashoka’s Community Engagement Club- N eev. The first part will be similar to the MA Economics examination and will test applicants on statistics, mathematics and analytical reasoning, through multiple choice questions. B.Sc (Hons): The applicants must have 10+2 in the science stream with no less than 50% marks. Students will submit the dissertation to his/her SRC for its internal assessment. Macroeconomics II Selected Candidates for Monsoon 2020 Session. Students may apply to be formally admitted to PhD candidate status once they have completed their coursework requirements and successfully defended a research plan. Professor Of Economics at Ashoka University Gurgaon, India Research. Stuart received a PhD from the London School of Economics, a Master’s degree from Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. Visit Ashoka University official website In this section, students will have to solve three problems but will be able to choose from a short list of questions. We are seeking talented faculty to re-imagine the way the majors are built in their fields. The Ashoka approach to Economics is fundamentally about bringing together cutting edge economic theory and rigorous data analysis to address questions at the frontiers of research. We encourage both active research and engaged pedagogy as a way of bringing cutting-edge research into the classroom. In the first year, students will focus on building a strong foundation in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics by taking a year-long sequence of core courses in each. Admissions to the courses are based on a … Publications 32. The Ashoka approach to Economics is fundamentally about bringing together cutting edge economic theory and rigorous data analysis to address questions at the frontiers of research. Ashoka University invites applications in the 3rd round of admission... s for the undergraduate programme. Jindal Global University vs. Ashoka University vs. KREA University vs. Shiv Nadar University vs. Flame University has been done here to help the students in making a decision. However, approval for counting such a course towards the PhD must be obtained from the student’s Faculty supervisor. Our faculty members are engaged in active research in applied microeconomic theory, game theory, decision theory, development economics, labour economics, health economics, public economics, political economy, behavioural economics, experimental economics, economics of discrimination, macroeconomic theory, empirical macroeconomics, monetary economics, and international finance. Ashoka University UG Course Admission Eligibility Criteria. Students holding an MPhil degree in Economics must complete this process within 1.5 years of being admitted to the PhD programme. PhD students will also be expected to work as Teaching Assistants on specified courses. Prior to joining CSBC, she was a Communications Associate at the Centre for Policy Research. Ashoka university provides several Graduate, Undergraduate, PhD, and Young Fellowship Program. She is an Economics graduate from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi and a Young India Fellow from Ashoka University. The reason for this requirement is that students can get feedback on their work from faculty members and their peers; additionally, they can develop and improve their presentation skills. Eligibility for admission to this course is post-graduation. Karin (Kaveh) Hasani: Economic Development Company. The eligibility criteria include a Master’s Degree in the relevant subject, along with a valid fellowship exam scorecard. Once admitted to candidacy, the student will write up his/her research in the form of research papers, which together form a draft PhD dissertation. The list of elective courses offered in any semester will be announced closer to the date. IFMR Graduate School of Business - Krea University. About. In this article, we will provide you with details of the Ashoka University, Sonipat Courses Fees & Fee structure. For the Ph.D. program course fee will INR 46,250 for the first year. In case students have already taken elective courses in their first year in lieu of core courses for which they have received waivers, they will not be required to take any more than 6 elective courses across both years. Ashoka University’s annual course fee for the Master of Arts in Economics will be INR 4.80 Lakhs. More than 50% of students in Ashoka University are under some form of scholarship in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs.Admission to Ashoka University is based purely on merit, and no student has ever been turned down due to financial constraints.. Ashoka University Application Form 2020. Econometrics I.

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